Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On: strait to the face.

I took these head shots of Crystal sometime in May/June. Head shots for, like, a real actress? Does that make me, like, a photographer? Naaaaw...not when it takes five months for me to use up one roll of film.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On: nuit blanche.

On Saturday night I was surprised by the chance to see an old friend and attend Nuit Blanche. I knew about Nuit, but I had somehow failed to know that it was happening, like, now. I arrived and there was a blizzard. A flurry. A veritable shit storm of people. Small town me was going mad. The roads were closed; I walked right up the middle of Queen. After a little confusion finding each other Neil and I had a lovely time catching up, listening to Kraftwerk and drinking Waterloo dark. It made me smell very bad the next day. It is a good thing that I am so accustomed to smelling terrible.
meNeil! Lights! OMG!The shit storm