Wednesday, January 11, 2012

On: so let me have a piece of that Sweet Potatoe Pie.

Numbers shuffle. I don’t usually do New Year’s resolutions so instead I’m doing a 25th year resolution. It’s convenient being born on December 30th; you can pretend that the western world revolves around your birth. I resolve; to live more simply, deliberately and lovingly. This means; spend less money, read, write and draw more, watch online tv less, wake up earlier, smoke less, think more, and spend more time with friends. Because I love them, and I’m too much of a hermit, I can feel my world becoming more internal all the time and soon I’ll go squirrely and agoraphobic if I don’t watch myself. The rest should be easy – especially the money. Going shopping now disgusts me. I can’t stay in stores. All those people…uhg…spending money….even grocery shopping gives me pain now.
Enough complaining. I want to go draining! This is rambly because I slept funny and I’m not awake in my brain yet.
And eat a dandelion. I would like to do that.