Saturday, May 19, 2012

On: Wharf is a good word.

Wandering along the canal I found this abandoned dock (really? Why?) which is all fenced in, but the fence is open. Included is abandoned electric-board-thing, abandoned bathroom, and a lot of mis-spelled nazi graffito. I'm not up to date on this kind of thing but I'm pretty sure that if you can't spell white you don't get invited to hitler's birthday party.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On: The answer. Fuck. I don't know man, whatever.

Yowza! School is over. What a stressfuck year that was. And I was taking the fun classes that I wanted to take. Next year I will be fulfilling requirements an shit. My netbook was crashed by a virus – installing ubuntu fixed this but now my poor wee computer friend has a few bothersome quirks like not allowing my scanner to work and downloading pornographic materials in the night, then claiming not to know where “that porn” came from, then storming off to my room and slamming the door when I try to tell it that it shouldn't be using my credit card and that it shouldn't ever expect to see a dick like that for realsies. I've moved back to my summer home. Project ideas: chart traffic going by our house and make graphs about all the lazy-fat-folk-scooters that go by. Hide in the bushes then jump out and READ INTELLECTUAL THINGS to passersby to scare them. Kazoo band redux? I went to TCAF on the 5th and 6th and if you don't know what that is find out and get excited for next year because it's the best. Danny and Jill and Ian accompanied me with drool bucket to make sure I didn't cause any water damage. I got lots of sweet shit – more on this to come? I've been crafting a buttload butt when I edit images in GIMP the file type is alien and I can't upload them so that will have to wait. Oh yeah – I quit smoking again. Or should I say I took a casual stroll through hell and all I have to show for it is that now I can't do something that i loved doing and I'm a little angrier all the time and i guess I can walk up stairs and I'll live longer.
Foot-food-animal fetische. Lick my fucking lolly.