Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On: camera camera.

Apres computer meltdown I've been uploading my pictures to a skydrive- time consuming but fun as I get to reminisce guilt free. I've decided to post a series of old housing shots. A lot of my old favorite places have since been burned down or plowed under.

This house is a mysery to me. I remember being on the way somewhere. A conservation area perhaps. I think we thought it was an old schoolhouse.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

On: the words that will haunt me.

"And so they smashed all they could smash, creating wars without opponents. Their rage became their art. They no longer wondered if they were good enough to deserve their bodies-their life. Instead, they challenged their bodies to deserve them.

This was not the end of the world, but it was the beginning of sorrows" (Coupland, Generation A, 204)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

On: feeling zombified...

Say it with me and wiggle: HI-ATE-US

Frankenstein, my cannibal computer, bit the proverbial dust (and some actual dust. I cracked the ol’ creation open and wrestles a few bunnies out) and eventually I caved and bought myself a wee laptop. It’s extremely handy for the whole “M-O-O-N radio” bit.

For Halloween I was a zombie baby (or just a regular dead baby, I still haven’t decided). Zombie dad (complete with real chicken skin gore-flaps!) and zombie Che also made appearances. At this party I was too busy dancing my diaper off (mom had to help me tie it so it didn’t really come off) to take many pictures. This whole last month I’ve been too busy dancing through life to take many pictures. I’ve got the itch to lug my mamiya/sekors (name ideas? Anyone? Bueller?) camera around Toronto; this is the most beautiful city I’ve ever lived in, after all, the exception being the fine body which I currently inhabit. It’s good to be a multitude!

PS: This blog is now one year old! When do blogs begin teething?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On: strait to the face.

I took these head shots of Crystal sometime in May/June. Head shots for, like, a real actress? Does that make me, like, a photographer? Naaaaw...not when it takes five months for me to use up one roll of film.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On: nuit blanche.

On Saturday night I was surprised by the chance to see an old friend and attend Nuit Blanche. I knew about Nuit, but I had somehow failed to know that it was happening, like, now. I arrived and there was a blizzard. A flurry. A veritable shit storm of people. Small town me was going mad. The roads were closed; I walked right up the middle of Queen. After a little confusion finding each other Neil and I had a lovely time catching up, listening to Kraftwerk and drinking Waterloo dark. It made me smell very bad the next day. It is a good thing that I am so accustomed to smelling terrible.
meNeil! Lights! OMG!The shit storm

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

On: Week two.

Another M-O-O-N show gone swimmingly. The play-list this week was;
Masochistic Religion- The Vampire
The Smiths- Bigmouth Strikes Again
The Damned- The girl Goes Down
Platinum Blonde- Crying over You
Martha and the Muffins- Echo Beach
The Box- Ordinary people
Dentata- Witches
UK Decay- Stage Struck
Blue Cross- Tough Days
The Blitz- Acolyle
Specimen- Sharp Teeth Pretty Teeth
A Spectre is Haunting Europe- Remote controls
Bloody Dead and Sexy- City Ghosts

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

On: Success!


M-O-O-N broadcast number one is complete! Minus a couple of bumps I am quite pleased with the outcome. It certainly felt wonderful to be on the air; an orgasmic rush of...power? Awesomeness? I don't know! But it was great!

When I got to the station the show before me was still in session, so I only had two or three minutes to get set up. they told me before I went on that the computer chord wasn't working, so any MP3's couldn't be played. Luckily they were lying, because all I had was my wee flash drive of songs.

I did my intro and played the first two songs...with dead air in between because I switched the mic off instead of on. Oh my! I'm glad I made a couple of big mistakes on my first show. This means that show #2 will be exponentially more badass. Awww yeah!

Here's what I played;
Secession- Sneakyville
Virgin Prunes- Pagan Lovesong
Tones on Tail- Christian Says
Corpus Delicti- Saraband
Lords of the New Church- Russian Roulette
Bauhaus- She's In Parties
A Spectre Is Haunting Europe- Night Class
Doug & the Slugs- Too Bad
Spoons- Romantic Traffic
Talking Heads- Wild Wild Life
Handful Of Snowdrops- Gabrielle
Ausgang- Armadillo Man

Now I just need to decide whether I'm going to Cadillacs and Cadavers show, or RatTail this weekend. Frack!
My first broadcast from the


is tonight at

six o’clock!

I’ll be playing songs by Secession, Bauhaus, Tones on Tail, Lords of the New Church, Ausgang, the Talking Heads and other badass gothic rock, post punk and new wave bands!!!

Tune in ONLINE ONLY at

Friday, September 17, 2010

On: M-O-O-N radio!

Very shortly after arriving in Toronto I got myself to campus to buy books. While I was there I chatted for a while with a very nice fella named George, and filled out an application to host a one hour radio show focused around Gothic Rock, Post Punk and New Wave music. Thus my dream, M-O-O-N radio, has jumped from my head and into the really real world. FUCK YEAH!

There are some limitations. My show airs at six o’clock, so no naughty words. I must play a maximum (wha?) 10% “charted” music during every show. And 35% of my content must be Canadian. These rules are not from the station, they apply to every radio station in Canada.

Originally it was the first condition that had me worried, but the program manager suggested that I play a charted song in the background while I talk; problem solved. I find the shortest top 40 hit and play it really quietly while I mutter. Then I realized what a challenge it was going to be to find enough Canadian music to satisfy the second criteria, with internet that only worked 40% of the time and a genre spawned in the UK as my shows focus.

BUT. Wow. It’s been so much fun! I’ve discovered some really great bands in the last week, and I am being forced, pushed and prodded into knowing my local scene and Canadian music in general.

I need to get my bum in gear on the advertising front. I’ll make some fliers and try to get them up around Toronto. There’s a facebook fan page, called M-O-O-N radio. Everyone I meet on campus has heard of my show. Etc.

To listen on Tuesday go to and click listen live at 6 O’clock

Monday, September 13, 2010

On: Carnivale.

On: Move!

The internet here is in and out daily. I've met a few nice people, and spent some lovely time with Crystal. I have a radio show; first program next week. I like it here so far :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

On: going away.

Pre-bar gathering for my going away party. Good night; vodka and orange juices were going strong. We went to a bar and a band was playing so our plans for karaoke were ruined, but that may have been a good thing. Pitchers saw to it that I may not have been able to read the lyric-prompter. Played pool, chilled on the patio and made a munchies run (and I gave props to everyone we passed). Brad slept on the floor/couch and the next day we chilled and watched TV. My hangover was outstanding.

Jessie and CrystalBrad
group loveCaged

On: old knitting whith new knitting in her mind.

My urge to knit waxes and wanes; lately it has been rather in the waxing but with packing-changing-and making all the preparations for a new life I haven't much had the chance. Until this afternoon I thought that I was moving tomorrow but now Sunday is the day. Dad and I will take the boxes to my new place then I will spend the better part of next week at the ol country estate...but this means that my work in progress is in a box somewhere. Maybe I labelled it?

Anyhoo, this got me thinking about how long it's been since I threw up a crafty post. Too fucking long. So here are a few pairs of gloves that I made...last winter? I had/have a thing for fingerless gloves. Maybe because I have yet to make fingered gloves. Or mittens. This will, perhaps, be my goal this winter!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On: Struck

It has been a goal of mine to catch a lightning strike on "film" for a while now. Go me!

On: chillin with Joe's horse.

Cloudy Horsie