Saturday, March 17, 2012

On: you shut the FUCK up, and you SHUT THE FUCK UP: that's what the fuck you do.

I've done some extremely sexy exploring recently, but due to dead batteries and the desire to stretch my low light film photograhy skillz I now have to wait until I have enough moneys to develop two rolls of film. Actually, one and a half because I am clumsy and the film got caught on the camera and half the roll was burned while I was changing rolls. Luckily my exploring friend brought a lovely camera and took lots of pictures; but I'm not going to put them up yet because I haven't asked him for permission. I'm all nice like that.

You can find pictures of the locations online anyways: Kodak and Symes. Give it a shot. Better: just go there. These places are, like, the most beautiful things EVER.

But instead: Here's a step on some street downtown and a house on Augusta. YOURE WELCOME.

On: therapist.

YEAH. I got some new glasses. Old man rapist glasses. But they don't look very creeper-y on me. I guess I'll just have to drool and breath harder whenever I'm in the bathroom.

School is almost over, spring is already here. I have been mildly sunburnt three times now. Yay! But I am unable to resist the draw of long walks in the sun which makes me a far less productive student. Luckily it is a beautiful foggyish, mistyish, moistyish day out today so I think I can go for a stroll without baking my grey matters.

Now if you, gentle reader, would peer to your right and scroll down you will see my links list. I have updated the comics and will continue to do so. I highly recomend that you read Funniest Man in the World: it's really good and an anarchist put it out, I guess. And then when you've read it peruse the other zines in the zinelibrary. And then read the Tijuana Bibles that I put up: Bathless Groggins, Flash Gordon on a Lark, Goof Butts and Plastic Man. All but Flash Gordon are by Mr. Dyslexic who is AWESOME and Bibles are AWESOME and you should read them. Most of the rest are still webcomics - I'll be updating this list periodically as I come across awesome shit. So if you're into comics keep checking, and give me some tips, yo.