Monday, April 18, 2011

On: Towering pitfalls.

Good morning world, hows about a caffeine+smiles breakfast? Bacon flapjacks? Cat fuzz?

I’m waiting on another move now, waiting and reading quest stories and comics and reading cigarette papers and reading buds and reading reds. The death pit will be refilled without me in it and I’ll be living in a Wizards Tower instead. I’m camping in my own room now, almost everything is in a box. On Thursday I will retire to the country to paint Eastern Eggs and lie on the road at night. It sounds like I’m talking nonsense but actually this is all factual, except for reading reds. I’m not sure how that would be done…actually I am.

I can’t help but still measure years by school periods, with summer constituting some kind of glorious purgatory that isn’t really a part of the year. Then September comes and the New Year melancholy rolls in with the cool air. Three days until I enter purgatory and the most beautiful place on earth.