Saturday, May 22, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Week three

week 3
More sewing accomplishment.

I used bleach and a paint brush to make the stripes on this shirt. The fabric was an old cotton man shaped shirt which I cut up and rearranged to fit me better. It was fun but I felt a little dizzy when I was done; it was raining and I had to do this in the basement.

The pants are also bleached by me. I haven’t decided yet whether they need more work or if they are good the way they are. I gathered and tied the legs like you do for some tie dye and the bleach didn’t distribute evenly in all spots. We shall see if I prefer them this way.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

On: Week two, last week.

Forest dweller
Getting some hunting done.

This was one of the lovely last nice days that we had last week who have been hiding since. After this the sky turned into an ocean and fell down. It was terribly dry before so it is an excellent thing to be getting all of this rain, however yesterday rain wasn't enough anymore and snow started. The wind has been out dancing as well, and in its enthusiasm is taking the petals off of flowers and making Tina, T-Rex, Tyrone, T-Ball, think that a hurricane had landed. I think I talked her out of it, but she doesn't trust me much because I refuse to be convinced by her "rabbits are evil carnivores" thing. Proof of the evils of Monty Python, leading poor unsuspecting I-talians to believe in crazy things.

Today the sun is shining. I go outside now!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

On: not 365.

I've been pondering lately on the failed 365 day project that I did last year. I made it all the way to 60, and looking trough those five minutes ago I estimate that one in every five is worth looking at. Not good, but not so bad as to just be deleted.

It seems that the best course of action in this situation is the lazy 365: the 52 day project. So. I hereby dedicate myself to one self portrait every week for the next year. To make this even easier I have an SP’s dating back two weeks to throw up. I suppose that makes it a project 50, but I’m not going to get douchy about what’s who and who’s what.

Allow me to introduce week one: beginning where I began, more or less, which is to say in my bedroom at my parent’s house. It was never so clean when I lived there full time.

On: new pants.

my creationmy creationmy creation
my creation

Those new pants. In progress since September, and shape shifting much to become present. I am very happy with the way they turned out, they fit perfectly.

I used old pairs of pants that I don't wear anymore, more pants from the second hand store (dollar rack) and fabric that I've had around. The zipper is new and gold, and the button is bronzy and from the second hand store. I hate making the waist part of pants so I cut it off of one of the pairs that I used to make the patches and sewed it on around the top; very effective and I think it looks neat.

The fabrics are mostly thin ones so my timing is excellent, though it has been raining here for four or five days. I'll have to go up to the attic to play if I don't want to go swimming.

Friday, May 7, 2010

On: accomplishments.

sewn long
I have, as of late, gotten quite a lot of sewing done. This is lovely, as I have never excelled at sewing. This is due to my dislike of measuring, my wild ‘n crazy cutting skills and my tendency to give up when aI discover that my project is lopsided, sewed inside-out-to-right-side-out, too small, or when a shiny sandwich floats into view.

We have those here. Floating shiny sandwiches.

While I still don’t measure with, you know, actual tools, and I still hack at fabric like some kind of human who cuts wood for a living, I no longer give up part way through. It does sometimes take me rather a long time to complete a project-RE the pants I finished yesterday, begun in September- but I do complete the project.

For instance: I have made a serious effort to resuscitate ”The Pants” (see picture at right). The Pants which I always wear, which I have worn for the last six years, which I purchased second hand, which cause love at first sight in hobos, because of which I have overheard people questioning Nox, “Are those the only pants that City has?” This is clearly a serious matter, and has been seriously attended to. Disintegration was occurring so rapidly that I feared to wear The Pants for the entirety of the winter term- the touch of road salt would surely have melted them. The Pants are now entirely wearable and the only concern left is that of the gaping chasm that is their crotch. I have chosen to solve this by wearing boxers and appreciating the summery breeze.

If I may refer you again to the picture at the right of this text you will see that I am not only wearing pants, but a shirt as well. Aint nobody can say I gots no class. I made this shirt at around the same time that I performed most of my Pant repairs, shortly before embarking to Toronto. I count it lucky that this sewing urge coincides with a rejuvenated love for patchy/DIY/ (?) as it compliments my sewing inabilities nicely. Huzzah!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On: Zhuangzi.

"Thus-unlike his Confucian contemporaries Mencius and Xunzi, who sought to offer 'sagely' advice to the princes of the Warring States period-Zhuangzi stepped back and asked whether the various conflicting solutions offered by the thinkers of the day might actually be adding to the chaos. Instead of proposing solutions he offered stories conveying profound insights in lighthearted yet direct and forceful terms."