Friday, June 25, 2010

On: week eight, time in trailer.

Spending nights in my trailer and writing in my journal in a flashlight spotlight. The power still isn’t hooked up so I spend a lot of time at Nox’s place cooking and eating. I filled a whole notebook with journaling; this is a major accomplishment for me. I have issues of motion, and I am ever leaving things behind me. I can’t fill notebooks, as much as I want to, as much as I love to write. Persistence has finally brought accomplishment, and here I begin book two.

I used to keep a sketchbook, and it was full of wonderful doodles and stoner poetry. I don’t really smoke much pot anymore, but I wish I still made poems. I’ll do that again soon.

This month has been wacky good.
-trailer living/loving (a life goal accomplished: living in a vehicle or caravan)
-four year anniversary with Nox
-got a job (double plus good: I clean silk screens, un-strenuous physical labour. Exactly what I wanted)
-Om reunion (another life goal: go to a real rave)
-transfer request processed; I have been accepted to the University of Toronto Humanities dept

And more?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

On: week seven, time flies.

Week seven
Welcome to my new home :)

It belongs to my parents. My financial situation was becoming....desperate but not serious. I couldn't find a job and neither could Nox. It was assumed for various reasons that Nox would find the cheapest place possible and I would sleep rough. I went to my parents house to attend the town wide garage sale that happens every year (not in their two street village, in a slightly larger town a few miles away) and my mom suggested; "Well why don't you live in our trailer? I'm sure someone would let you park it on their lawn." And that's what's happening. I spent most of last week cleaning and repainting while my parents were away camping. I returned home on Friday and Nox and I left for Toronto on Sunday to see Attrition and stay with Nickolias and his lovely new intentional community.

I had a job trial on Friday. The lovely and talented Pontius Phallus passed the employment on to me; I will be cleaning silk screens.
Yesterday my parents borrowed a truck (from some of the loveliest people in the world) and hauled my home here. There is another two street town just outside of this city where I know nearly every resident. My trailer is there now, waiting for a bit more cleaning and all my stuff to be shoved in it.

Nox and I went to the dollar store today to get things I will need. Acrylic paint, plastic containers for my beans, stick on wall hooks, OK disco brand chocolate bars, ceiling hook screws and "sacred scents" air fresheners.